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Please check this page first and annually before completing your application as we will attempt address process changes and application questions in advance. If you have further questions, email  


I want to attend a conference. Can I apply to the FRNM for funding?

No. The FRNM does not provide funding for conferences or other short courses. To qualify for non-university program funding, or university based certificate programs the post-diploma or degree certificate must be at least 60 hours of study. See the Post RN (BPRN) and Certificates page for more information.


I am an LPN or I am a RPN and I am returning to school.  Can I apply the the FRNM for Funding?

The only award that we currently administer that is open for LPNs and RPNs is the Kay De Jong award which has a residency requirement of living above the 53rd parallel.  If you are a LPN returning to do a program leading to a degree or certificate in nursing, you can apply for this award.  Please note, in a separate application that is submitted directly to your school of nursing, you can also apply bursaries(see the instructions for undergraduate students.  If you are completing a certificate, apply directly to the FRNM.

If you are a RPN returning to complete a certificate or a graduate degree in nursing , you can apply for this award.  Click on the hyper-links to take you to the applicable application and policy page.

I am writing an international certification exam. Can I apply for funding under the CNA speciality exam award?

As long as it is a recognized certification you can. Use the CNA certification application form and follow the instructions. If you receive your certificate before May 1, submit it before May 1 then it will be considered that year. If you receive your certificate after May 1, submit your documentation when you receive it and then it will be considered the following year. If you pay your fee and write your exam but don’t receive your certificate before May 1, then you submit after May 1 for the following year. The date on the certificate determines your eligibility. To be clear, this is to support professional certification that is administered by a professional body such as the Canadian Nurses Association or the International Council of Nurses.  If you are taking a course for  certification, and want to apply for funding to cover the course itself, then you must apply in advance under the certificate category assuming that your course qualifies based on the criteria listed.


I just finished some courses and then I heard about the FRNM. Can I apply for money when I am finished coursework?

Sorry, but you need to plan in advance if you want to apply for funds from the FRNM. Our deadline is May 1st to support funding for the following academic year, not the previous academic year.


I am an undergraduate nursing student, but I am not a Registered Nurse. Where do I apply?

Pre-registration undergraduate students apply directly to the institution where they are studying. FRNM offers a limited number of bursaries to students who have financial need. Speak with someone in your awards or scholarship office to find out more information. There should be no application fee to apply for bursaries. See the Undergraduate Bursaries page for more information.  If you are a LPN returning to school to get your RN and you live north of the 53rd parallel, you can apply directly to us for the Kay De Jong award only using the BPRN application.


I am a post-RN student returning to finish my nursing undergraduate degree. Where do I apply?

If you are a RN and are returning to school to complete your BN or BSN then you apply directly to the FRNM for funding. It does not matter which university you are attending; apply directly to the FRNM using the address on our website.

Please remember to check off if you qualify for any of our named awards and include supporting documentation if requested. Check the applicable awards to see if you meet the criteria for these additional funds.


I am a graduate student. Where do I apply?

If you are a graduate student at University of Manitoba, you can apply directly to FRNM for the NAMED AWARDS ONLY. Follow the instructions in the policy statement for the graduate student award application and be sure to include any supporting information and documentation to demonstrate how you qualify for a named award. There is no application fee if you apply for a named award only.   For general awards or scholarships, the University of Manitoba administers these on behalf of the FRNM. Therefore, for an FRNM Award or Scholarship as a graduate student you must apply directly to the Awards Office in the Faculty of Graduate Studies at the University of Manitoba. This information is stated on our Graduate Awards page as well as the Where to Apply policy statement. To find out more about the FRNM awards and scholarships available to U of M graduate students, go to the Graduate Awards Database and search for “Registered Nurse” and follow the instructions provided. Each year we receive applications for general awards from University of Manitoba students that have been sent to us in error. Given the deadline for FRNM and U of M coincide, it is too late to redirect applications. Application fees are non-refundable.

Only University of Manitoba graduate students apply to University of Manitoba for general graduate awards or scholarships. If you do not attend the University of Manitoba then you apply directly to the FRNM for graduate awards and named awards.


I know that the instructions say to include the reference letters with my application, but a couple of my referees want to email the reference letter. Is that OK?

This is OK, but it is your responsibility as an applicant to confirm receipt prior to the deadline to ensure that the reference letter has been received by so you have time to follow up with your referee if required. Each year, we have at least one application that is missing a reference that was meant to be delivered electronically.


I can’t find a copy of my letter of acceptance. What should I do?

You can email your university admissions office and request they send you a copy of the letter to include in the application package.  A copy of an email from the admissions office confirming enrolment may suffice.  We no longer track this information on behalf of applicants.


I submitted a web-based transcript….

Our policies clearly state that an official copy of the most recent academic transcript is required. If you are starting a new program then the most recent transcript is from your last program. Web-based transcripts are unofficial and not accepted; your application will be considered incomplete.


I included three references  this year that were similar to those I submitted in the past. What was the problem this year?

We made some policy application decisions last year and gave a year grace to applicants whose letters the committee decided did not fully meet the criteria. If you received funding previously but not this year, it is likely you did not recall the instruction given in the letter that accompanied your award cheque last year. For anyone who is has taken at least one course in their program, an academic reference means a reference from an instructor/professor in your current program of study.  This means that we want a letter from someone at the university where you are enrolled who can speak to your academic work.  Further references from other academic institutions can supplement but do not replace this requirement.  Finally, as outlined in Graduate Student Award Policy, a letter is expected, the reference form is meant to be a guide only.  We no longer accept reference forms for graduate applicants.


Why doesn’t someone call me to let me know that I have applied to the wrong place or my referee has not submitted the reference to you?

We are an organization that is run completely by volunteers. The applications are collected and delivered unopened to the Director of Awards after the deadline has passed. We simply do not have the administrative resources to redirect applications or do anticipatory checking for application completeness. Please be attentive to detail.


Please note, we now only accept forms that are completed on the computer and have our current logo on them. Old forms are no longer accepted. It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure all documentation is complete and in good order. We recommend submitting your application in full – gather everything and put it in one envelope prior to submitting so you know it is complete. Administration fees are non-refundable. The decision of the committee is final and there is no appeal process.


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